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Masterclass "Shopify And Dropshipping: How to Create, Setup, and Launch 
a Profitable Online Store"

Possess A Profitable Online Business Quickly and easily
You will receive a very advanced training that will reveal you the Secrets To Create, Setup, And Launch A Profitable Online Store! Fast and efficient!

With this complete training, you will be able to:
✔ Exploit your business thanks to the Shopify platform
✔ Increase your sales exponentially
✔ Conquer a new audience
✔ Crush the competition that neglects online business

We will see point by point together ...

- How to get excellent and profitable products and suppliers quickly
- How to automate 90% of the process to minimize the management time of your business.
- How to compare prices, analyze the competition and popular products
- What are the most powerful graphical tools for online stores?
- How to analyze and measure traffic and your visitors
- How to choose the categories of your store
- How to choose a perfect image to represent your categories and collections
- How to buy a site name
- How to link your store to social networks
- How to be profitable

- Subtle mistakes to avoid being successful
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An Unprecedented Success

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The Secrets that you will LEARN
Tools, proven methods and tips for power
maximize your earnings with Online Store!
Quand vous allez appliquez le cours, vous allez très vite commencer à voir un changement significatif et drastique sur votre impact et vos taux de conversion. 
  • Parte 1 - Introduction
  • Session 1 - Why is this a real revolution 
  • ​Session 2 - Very Important Points (Ecommerce importance (everything happens there) 
  • ​Session 3 - Always keep this in mind 
  • ​Session 4 - Why is this an "Eldorado"? 
  • ​Part 2 - Building Your Brand
  • Session 5 - What choice to make? 
  • ​Session 6 - How to choose it well? (Choose Name of your shop) 
  • ​Session 7 - How not to be wrong
  • ​Part 3 - How to Create an Ecommerce Shop
  • Session 8 - The essential tool 
  • ​Session 9 - What to fill 
  • Session 10 - Choice Plan ​
  • ​Session 11 - How to properly build an ecommerce shop
  • ​Session 12 - Configuration Step ( How Set up the Menus ) 
  • ​Session 13 - Configuration step n°2
  • ​Session 14 - Configuration step n°3 
  • ​Session 15 - Configuration step n°4
  • ​Session 16 - Configuration step n°5
  • ​Session 17 - Configuration step n°6 
  • ​Session 18 - Configuration step n°7
  • ​Session 19 - Configuration step n°8
  • ​Session 20 - Configuration step n°9 
  • ​Session 21 - Configuration step n°10 
  • ​Session 22 - Well-kept secret of Dropshipping with Shopify 
  • ​Session 23 - An overview of a finished shop
  • ​Session 24 - This will make your life easier 
  • ​Session 25 - The gateway with Facebook 
  • ​Session 26 - The gateway with Instagram
  • ​Part 4 - How to Use Dropshipping
  • Session 27 - The Advantages of Dropshipping 
  • ​Session 28 - How to find the right products for sale without mistake 
  • ​Session 29 - You Must Know This
  • ​Session 30 - Do we have to do it?
  • ​Session 31 - Manual Dropshipping
  • ​Session 32 – Automatic Dropshipping 
  • ​Session 33 - Manual method implementation 
  • ​Session 34 -Automatic method implementation
  • ​Part 5 - 3 Secrets of Sales Techniques
  • Session 35 - 1st Secret
  • ​Session 36 - 2nd Secret
  • ​Session 37 - 3 rd Secret
  • ​Part 6 - My 6 Favorites Strategies for a lead of the Traffic on Your Shop
  • ​Session 38 - 1st Strategy
  • ​Session 39 - 2nd Strategy
  • ​Session 40 - 3rd Strategy
  • ​Session 41 - 4th Strategy
  • ​Session 42 - 5th Strategy
  • ​Session 43 - 6th Strategy
  • ​Part 7 - Conclusion
  • ​Session 44 - How to Go Further
  • ​ Part 8 - Bonus - Building a Facebook advertisement together
  • Session 45 - Creating an Advertising Together
  • ​Session 46 – Creating an Advertising Together

We wouldn't dare say you'll get exactly the same results
- We have no idea who you are and what you are willing to do, but ...

Applying this E-Store model,
We've generated new revenue
 EXPONENTIALLY more than 99% of small businesses
- With real money gains
Only for the last 30 days!


A year ago, an idea came to mind while we were talking to my brother.

And after so many tests and half a million expenses to validate our strategy....

I discovered and created a totally innovative and intelligent method to make online store profitable.

This created such a big flow of money that I had to integrate 10 new people into my team!

(And when we showed this method to our customers, they were able to attract and convert leads themselves.)

Ultimately, it was quite simple, but it had to be concrete...

And it was necessary that the method be applicable for both a beginner client and a confirmed expert.

Because with this method, I was finally able to reach a level of supremacy
in online business:

"If you automate your online business, 
you'll never have to worry about the rest of your life"

Of course, you might think it was a stroke of luck, so we repeated this formula for six months.
And bingo, the cash continued to teem like leaves in the fall.
Imagine this feeling, it's a bit like winning the lottery, but better, because you have an extreme chance of winning if you play again.
And there we said, in Spanish there is no such advanced course that explains how and simply:


In 1 year, I have interacted with more than 500 entrepreneurs in almost every field imaginable.
The biggest problem right now is closing our calendar, because there are too many sales every week.
Our customer service could no longer keep up.
We've had thousands of students apply what we've taught them and become essential experts for their businesses.

And 9 out of 10 times, we found that growing your business from $20,000 per month to $40,000, $50,000, or even $500,000 or more per year is NOT that hard.

The problem is that most entrepreneurs do whatever to get more customers OR do the right things in the wrong order.

So we're remedying that.

And with only 1 year in That Adventure,

Maybe it's ever happened to you ...

  • ​You may not be successfully attracting and converting customers successfully and consistently and reliably to your own business...
  • ​Having a slip...
  • ​Feeling that your ad hasn't reached the expected participation rate.
  • ​Feeling bitter by increasing your advertising expenses without really knowing what you're getting
  • ​Expect to find a Good Formula so you don't feel more stressed more...

... so you clicked on the right page!

With this Complete Training, you will know exactly:

All aspects, all the details of Shopify
How to set up Paypal in Shopify
How to set up taxes in Shopify
Set up payment, return, refund and privacy policies
How to create drop-down menus and navigation in your Shopify store
How to integrate Facebook with Shopify and add a store on Facebook
How to create coupons and discount codes in Shopify
This course is totally unique:
Secret #1:

Boost your performance with Online Marketing

Everything David will share with you is very easy to do and very easy to follow.

The tips you will share with you can be used as a reliable resource, where you can assimilate any response you choose to eliminate any confusion.

You will have access to all the necessary steps to take off your business, with the international expert on Ecommerce.
Secret #2:

The best of current knowledge

David was one of the first to understand the power of Shopify and dropshipping to help his mental community, physically and financially. He was able to make a fortune and today he reveals his secrets to you.
Secret #3:

Get all the results with Serenity

No more anxiety about not knowing where and how to start. David will explain step by step what to do to get the success you're looking for, whether it's for your personal business or the company you work for.
Meet your teacher

Followed by more than 10 million people on social media
David Michigan is an undisputed master of Shopify and Dropshipping. His mission is to help as many people as possible by giving them the success, prosperity and reputation they really want, deep in their being. You'll receive many ideas and tips that will help your potential reach a new level. By expanding your knowledge of e-commerce tools, you can take your business to the next level. And you, with your help, will cultivate a growth mindset, perhaps not new, but better. By anticipating what you really want, you'll soon get what you really want.
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David Michigan
This course is available on a desktop computer, phone, or tablet.
  • ​PC, smartphone or tablet
  • Wherever you want
  • ​Access lifetime
Everyone tells you all the time: you have to sell with an online store, you have to grow with online advertising... Yes!
But who tells you HOW to do it?
Do you know what will ruin you faster than a naughty weekend in Monaco?
➡ Create a wobbly online store.
And most people think that optimizing your campaign budget is a magic wand that will correct all your mistakes for you ...
But everything can fall apart.
You can't just copy a store that looks like your business and expect money to flow.
If you “feed” your Store with INCORRECT data (as 98% of online companies do ...) it will simply stagnate.
You will not get the sales you expected, you will be begging on the streets in no time.
➡ But if you feed your site with the correct data, it's like pressing the detonator to blow up the bank vault door.
➡ If you are new to the online business, this is a safe and effective method that will take you from risky methods to the one selling Pro site.
➡ If you have previously done dropshipping, it is even more sales, applications, conversions ... with much less risk and with much more profit than before.
You'll get the full training video and visuals of what you need to do, and screenshots of what David is doing to set it all up ...
Yes, you will see all the settings and the very private interior of our online space.
Together we will see step by step * ...
✅ The different objectives of an Online Store
✅ Getting Started
✅ An Indispensable Tool
✅ Top 3 Types of Audience
✅ How to Study and Analyze Your Goal
✅ Accurate Analysis of Your Sells Goals
✅ The Famous Shopify
✅ How To Structure An Online Store

* We have voluntarily decided to hide certain degrees and certain sections of the program, which will now be reserved for students.
 David is featured on  Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Fitness, FOX News, Forbes, Women’s Fitness, Harvard y TED.
You'll also get secret techniques!

What you will have ...
From a secret formula, the Michigan Shopify Formula, you can have an extraordinary influence on increasing your sales
Solutions to common problems
Finding a technical problem is sometimes extremely frustrating. In this course, we'll look at solutions to problems that arise for any online seller.
Avoiding traps
One advertiser cannot imagine all the traps encountered during an advertising creation; something sometimes insignificant that can make you waste a lot of time and money. Avoid a backlash and setbacks with this course.
Our goal is to make sure you get the best experience possible with this course. We have always supported you and we will always be there to help you.
You are totally safe with the triple David Michigan satisfaction guarantee:

You are safe:
we will answer every question you have, assit and guide you.

You will get results: just watch the course and follow the step by step instructions.

Quality Content: You will learn from one of the best teachers in the world to help you achieve your goals and achieve your dreams.
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  • ​Online Sucess
  • ​ Customer Assist whenever you need it
Don't wait to have
What you really want
Do you really want to know what the secret is that will NOT allow you to regret your online business?
Here's a little hint for you:
  • It has nothing to do with your knowledge.  
  • It has nothing to do with the experience you've had on the Internet.
  • It's just to act and tell you that it will always be a step forward in your knowledge and your impact on networks.
  • The longer you are not using these marketing techniques that generate immediate positive changes in your business... the least will be your real potential.
  • You deserve to have a really amazing online business and make all your dreams come true.
  • But that won't happen until you take massive action and take this course. Right now, you're on the right track.
  •  Now the choice is yours. Your life can go two ways. Either you waste your life watching your life as a spectator, or just TODAY you create a real sense of urgency unique in your genre, allowing you to truly live your digital adventure.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Why is this course exceptional?
The course is designed to help you sell digital products, physical products, affiliated products and more.
There are many different videos you can access.
You can learn how to target certain groups of people.
Ideal for bringing complete beginners at advanced level, step by step.
Each step is detailed to ensure that the content is understood.
You'll learn the mistakes you shouldn't make. This saves you time and money.
What are the characteristics of the course?
The course starts at the base. This includes things like setting up an account, setting up the store correctly, browsing all features, and covering ways to use and making the most of all parameters.
Other topics covered in this course include scaling your most effective ads to increase profits, using funnels to make it easier for your customers to purchase their products, and attract new ones. customers to the products or services it offers.
Whether you have a basic understanding of Facebook advertising or are completely new to Facebook ads, you'll be able to get a lot of useful information. The course is designed to transform all students to Shopify Masters from start to end.
After registering with the   "Masterclass Shopify And Dropshipping: How To Create And Succeed In Your Online Store", you'll take advantage of many features designed to improve your success. Some of these features include the ability to ask questions, watch webinars, and unlimited access to training videos. There are modules that target different areas as well as over 45 different videos that can help you succeed.


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